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GeezerGlide Remote Control Garage Door Opener: Success story with an operator error in the middle

I ordered two GeezerGlide Garage Door openers for my wife’s bike and mine.

I got the black powder coated garage door opener installed on my Ultra Limited, then programmed the GeezerGlide sending unit and programmed my garage opener to recognize it. Perfect!

Next I installed the chrome version on my wife's Road King. All went well until I tried to program the GeezerGlide sending unit. I held the top button and pressed the bottom button 4 times. Good so far. Red light is flashing. The GG sending unit will not accept the same remote that was able to program the black sending unit on my Ultra. What's up? Maybe all the button holding depleted the battery on the old remote. I disassembled it and checked the battery. It tested 3.1 volts, so I put it back and tried to program the GG sending unit a couple more times, unsuccessfully. So I gave up and came in the house. Planning to write you to see if you had any suggestions. 

Programming the GG unit is exactly like programming a HomeLink unit in a car. I've done that dozens of times, and I was able to program the black GG unit, so what's up?

I woke up at about 4:00 AM and realized what I was doing wrong. I was holding the old remote by the Clamp Switches, not by the GG Sending Unit. After all, that is the way you do Home Link in your car. You initiate the Home Link learn mode, then you press and hold the old remote by the switches.

The next morning, I was able to program the GG sending unit by holding the remote opener by the GG sending unit. Then my garage opener learned the new chrome GG.

I subscribe the Rock Auto newsletter. ( A regular part of that is Repair Mistakes & Blunders, where people confess to the "stupid" things they did. This story would fit right in.

Thanks again for developing this product, and supporting me along the way.

Ken Klein
West Union, SC

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